Darren Kenney

Moving toward health.

Veteran trainer Darren Kenney founded Lifesource in 2009 to bring 17-years of client success in the Health and Wellness Industry, to a public setting in his adopted hometown of Barrie.

Darren’s finely honed skills in customer-service and leadership have catapulted him to the upper echelon of his profession. Increasingly he is asked to share the secrets of his unparalleled results and client-retention rates. His simple answer: personalized exercise therapy and treatment, when led and supervised by qualified professionals with the proper tools, works.

An avalanche of clinical studies support his opinion that movement not only yields quick results in therapy and rehabilitation, but also helps prevent injury and aids in the treatment and prevention of scores of chronic diseases – including such hard-to-treat diagnoses as diabetes, fibromyalgia and depression.

Lifesource’s approach in employing leading-edge movement-pattern screening and assessment places Darren at the forefront of a nation-wide shift toward a sustainable healthcare system. With a kinesiology university degree to his credit, and many professional-development certifications in the fields of nutrition, movement therapy and rehabilitation, Darren has high expectations of himself – and the professional staff he recruits and oversees.

“Our staff must meet very high minimum standards,” says the tireless father of four, who once co-captained the York University track and field team with his now-wife of 10 years (he as a competitive sprinter, she as a pentathlete). “They have to be highly skilled in all areas related to health and wellness.”

Lifesource staff are highly skilled in the following areas:
1.    Injury Treatment
2.    Injury Rehabilitation
3.    Athletic Nutrition
4.    Strength Training
5.    Facilitated Partner Stretching
6.    Core and Stability Training
7.    Lifestyle Counseling
8.    Mobility and Balance Training
9.    Human Anatomy and Physiology

A recognized expert in his field, Darren has worked in conjunction with Tennis Canada (monitoring Pete Sampras during a drug-testing protocol). Darren has been honored to work with many of the GTA’s business and sports elite who share his passion for excellence in all things. Executives at Danier Leather and Copper Creek Golf Club, for example, have successfully invested in his approach to training, and have referred their friends.

“With the recent addition of a Registered Physiotherapist, our vision of creating a comprehensive health-care centre that offers a statistically sound and drug-free alternative is complete,” he says. “Many executives, business owners and  professionals have taken up the challenge and are living better. Now it’s your turn.”

Never satisfied with second best, this life-long athlete and passionate entrepreneur works hard to ensure his clients also win, whether it’s on a specific playing field, or in the general arena of life.

Darren and the Lifesource team – leveraging for success.