Rock Solid.

As a former competitive athlete, Anna Kenney has learned how to coax the human body into maximum efficiency. As a certified teacher, business professional and mother to the four young children she shares with husband and business partner Darren Kenney, she has learned the value of patience and encouragement.

Anna is dedicated to excellence in all things and that has served her well in all areas of life, including her work as the business manager of Lifesource Wellness and as a personal trainer. As the co-owner of Lifesource Wellness, Anna shares Darren’s drive for results.  “I have a passion for health and I love meeting new people,” Anna says with an ever-present contagious smile.  “You have to make a training session fun,” she acknowledges. “…but expect to work hard!”

Prior to starting a family and Lifesource Wellness together, this energetic duo met on the field at York University where they co-captained the varsity track and field team. During her tenure on the team, Anna was named an Ontario All Star and medaled at the nationals.

“I had a track coach who taught me never to give up,” she recalls. “I continue to apply this life principal to everything I do personally and I encourage my clients to adopt the same mindset.”

“What happens at Lifesource is not just about fitness, it’s about so much more,” she says, turning thoughtful for a moment. “If you get your body healthy, it impacts everything.”

Anna demands commitment from her clients and promises life changing results. "There is always a way to get the very best out of people," she laughs. "I'm solution oriented. I tell my kids: people who do the hard things grow up to do great things."

It's a message adults can learn from, too.

On Your Side.