Stuart Wakefield

Dedication to Results.        

Registered kinesiologist, Stuart Wakefield believes training should be enjoyable – even when serious about focusing on set goals.

“I like to have fun with my clients, but I like to push them really hard as well,” says the veteran trainer, who adapts his style to suit each person he partners with – but always with results in mind. “I really enjoy working one-on-one with people, or in small groups.”

A diploma in fitness and health promotion from Humber College left him wanting more, so he began the Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology program at the University of Guelph.

In May 2012, after becoming certified and wanting to create a bigger impact in his work, Stuart joined the Lifesource team.

“I was really looking for a place to use my education and full abilities to help people,” he recalls. “The personal approach to exercise therapy you find here is very client-centred. The Lifesource team is completely focused on helping clients reach goals – whether someone wants to lose 10 pounds, get rid of that pain in their right hip, or win a scholarship.”

Growing up as an athlete with a particular devotion to basketball, Stuart knows about setting goals. The Picton-native who spent his childhood south of the border in Ohio and Mississippi, has been a serious competitor in basketball.

After an injury sidelined Stuart on the basketball court, reconstructive surgery was necessary. “I was able to come back and begin playing at a really high level. I earned the most-improved player that year, so it was a pretty big accomplishment.”

The experience also helps him relate to rehab challenges some of his clients face.

“The more you get to know a client, the more you can help them get the most out of a session,” he explains. “It should be a priority to make fitness a part of your life for the vast number of benefits it provides. I try to help my clients incorporate fitness into their life and make it a habit – a key part of day to day life.”

After work, he and wife Sarah share active moments together – like taking a walk or participating in sports; as well as those more laid-back past-times, like enjoying a movie.

“But to this day, if I get a ball in my hands, I’m still gonna shoot some hoops,” he laughs.

Client Focused.