Power Plate Technology

Accelerated Training™ with Power Plate® Technology.

By incorporating state-of-the-art vibration technology with proven conventional training techniques, Lifesource Training Studios maximizes client workout results in a way never before possible.

Top athletes and everyday sports enthusiasts are always looking for better ways to train their bodies and gain a competitive edge.

When exercise routines are carried out on a premium vibration device, additional waves of energy wash throughout the body activating up to 50 involuntary muscle contractions every second. This increases the workout intensity without a corresponding increase in time spent.

Grounded in extensive academic and independent scientific medical research, Power Plate®’s ground-breaking benefits include:

  1. an immediate improvement in blood circulation
  2. increased muscle strength and flexibility
  3. better core conditioning and stability
  4. improved range of motion
  5. decreased cellulite
  6. increased bone-mineral density
  7. reduced pain and soreness
  8. faster recovery

Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate® machines oscillate in all three planes, exactly as the human body is designed to do, which forces the body to perform reflexive muscle actions in multiple dimensions. The net result is an incredible improvement in force production – fast.

Physics aside (and there are lots to consider – visit www.PowerPlate.com if you’re so inclined), the results speak for themselves:

"I love that with the Power Plate®, I can get a full workout at home in next-to-no time. I really am impressed with the machine's ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good."
~ Hillary Swank, Oscar® winning actress

"Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible."
~ Clint Eastwood, professional actor, director and producer

“I have set up The Lifestyle Institute where I will be creating studios which will incorporate the Power Plate®. That is to the extent I believe in the Power Plate®. Everyone should be using them and if they get half the results I got, it will be life changing!”
~ Peter Nichol, world squash champion

“Power Plate® has become an important training and injury/rehab device for the Chicago Bulls. Power Plate® has proven to be a very effective and popular training modality with our players and has demonstrated impressive results even after a short period of use – increasing their strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation. All of our players are reaping benefits from using the Power Plate® – improving their speed/quickness, jumping ability, balance and coordination.  As Kurt Heinrich – a big fan of the Power Plate® – says: ‘you can feel stiff as a board but, you stretch on the machine and you feel loose instantly.’ I think that says it all. The Chicago Bulls fully endorse this product and have machines both at our headquarters – the Berto Center and at the United Center.”
~ Eric Helland, Conditioning & Rehabilitation Coach, NBA Chicago Bulls

Lifesource Wellness – simply the best.