Physiotherapy has arrived at Lifesource!

Now, with physiotherapy and registered massage therapy on its premises, the Lifesource treatment system is complete.

As envisioned by Lifesource founder Darren Kenney, who is an athlete, nutrition expert and renowned exercise therapist and trainer, complete treatment includes:

1. Movement When Possible

As soon as safe movement can be performed, a client should be engaging in safe, controlled activity patterns that regenerates blood flow through nervous-system stimulation. An in-depth assessment will follow.

2. Application of the Best Equipment Available

Use of the Class 2a medical device (Power Plate) by a talented physiotherapist and other certified staff makes our treatment process unique in its ability to provide faster improvements in strength, flexibility and functional movement. Use of this technology improves the staff's ability to help clients get back to function much quicker. The following is a list of treatment modalities used with this unique technology…

A)    Therapeutic exercise

B)    Neuromuscular re-education

C)    Gait Training

D)    Sensory Integrative Training

E)    Motor Pattern Correction

3. Sound Nutritional Guidance

Good physiotherapy should be backed up by sound nutritional guidance and follow up. Repair of tissue between treatments and exercise therapy sessions through proper nutrition is vital. Lifesource is fortunate to have Brianne Ozimok backing up this role!

4. Guided Exercise

The best treatment plans need to be backed up with a guided exercise-therapy regime that is primarily focused on developing balanced strength and flexibility. At Lifesource, physio treatment is further improved by the implementation of such programs led only by trainers with university degrees.

5. Lifestyle Change 

Physiotherapy treatments that don't involve lifestyle counseling to ensure changes to healthier patterns and habits, are limited in their effectiveness. At Lifesource, physio treatments are supported by sound, customized advice on how an individual can make changes to his or her lifestyle to allow the application of the physiotherapy treatment to be most effective.

6. Registered Massage

Treatment programs that utilize sound, well-executed exercise, as well as valuable guidance on nutrition, can get a final boost by the Registered Massage Therapist. Clients can benefit from a massage treatment to enhance recovery time, alleviate pain and muscle tension, and improve circulation and immune-system health.

The holistic health-care approach at Lifesource Training Studios brings together all the necessary elements to live life to the fullest!

Learn more about Amira by clicking here and check back to this space for future words of wisdom and thoughts to consider from our resident physio professional.


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