Physiotherapy / Athletic Therapy

Physiotherapy/Athletic Therapy/Exercise Prescription – Rehabilitation that works

Optimal function. Risk reduction. A fast-track to recovery.

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy peak performance in life.

It all starts by showing up and following directions. It continues by continuing to show up and follow directions. Strategic planning and implementation. What are you waiting for?

Leverage the abilities of experts focused on your goals. Leverage Lifesource for success.


Movement when Possible

As soon as safe movement can be performed, a patient should be engaging in safe, controlled activity patterns that regenerate blood flow through nervous-system stimulation. Following a systems-based assessment with Lifesource’s Registered Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist, our registered kinesiologists incorporate their findings and direction to create a workplan that speeds recovery while optimizing whole-body health.


Best equipment – Class IIa Medical devices at Lifesource

Sure, you have to grunt it out. But the “less time, more results” mantra is precisely why Lifesource invested in Power Plate equipment. With a team of highly skilled exercise-therapy professionals, conventional treatment is kicked up several notches by incorporating vibration technology.

We start where you are and we take you where you want to go – fast!

Use of the Class 2a medical device (Power Plate) by a trained physiotherapist and other certified staff makes our treatment process unique in its ability to provide faster improvements in strength, flexibility and functional movement. Use of this technology improves the staff’s ability to help clients get back to function much quicker. The following is a list of treatment modalities used with this unique technology…

  1. Therapeutic exercise
  2. Neuromuscular re-education
  3. Gait training
  4. Sensory-integrative training
  5. Motor-pattern correction


Watch a video about the benefits of Power Plate Technology.