Less Time, More Results

Regardless of injury, illness or fitness level, the truth is it only takes three to six months of concentrated effort to completely recover from injury and change your body. It’s about strategic planning and discipline. And it’s completely achievable.

No one says it’s easy, but it is simple – and there is a light at the end of a relatively short tunnel.

The good news: you don’t have to do it yourself. Just like any special project that demands success – it’s time to bring in the experts. That’s where Lifesource comes in.

 “I’m more stable and balanced physically now than I was when I ran track more than 15 years ago,” says Darren. “I wasn’t tapped into all the secrets then that allow the body to optimize efficiency and repair itself quickly. Like most people, I’m interested in less time, more results – and went out of my way to find out how to achieve that in my training and rehabilitation.”

At Lifesource, Kenney and his team teach clients how to streamline their efforts in nutrition and therapy for maximum output so they can realize their own dreams. They provide focus and unparalleled guidance for individuals and groups that demand results.

Sure Lifesource Certified Professionals guide you, motivate and correct technique, but they also learn about your goals, take into consideration your lifestyle, and journey with you on every step of your path to pain free living.

Dealing with an injury? The process starts with an assessment by our athletic therapist or physiotherapist who set the pace on a fast-track trip to recovery and beyond.