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I just wanted to start by introducing myself, my name is Brianne Ozimok and I am a personal trainer and nutrition specialist at Lifesource. I am a recent graduate of Acadia University, where I graduated with a BSc in Nutrition, Dietetics with Kinesiology. Needless to say I have a keen interest in nutrition and hope I can help provide knowledge and some interesting facts to help with healthy eating. I thought it would be good to start with grocery store tips, since this is where it all begins- here we go!

1. Stay on the outskirts of the store- everything you need can be found along the outside; vegetables, fruits, meats, breads, milk and alternatives, all on outskirts. Entering the isles can be dangerous, it’s where packaged, processed food exists and where we are more likely to just buy a product because we see it rather then actually needing it.
2. Make a list and stick to it- we generally start “getting in trouble” when go to the grocery store without a list, we buy on impulse and generally pick up things we don’t need.
3. Never shop on an empty stomach- you are more likely to buy more then you need, things that are easily prepared or pre-made, processed foods that are higher in fat, sodium and calories. When we are hungry we tend to crave high calorie foods that are easily broken down in the body to provide immediate energy and this is what we will buy.
4. Be aware of “deals”- it’s only a deal if you need it. Buying on special or in bulk can be good, but only if it’s needed and the product will be eaten. Sometimes buying in bulk or getting more of one thing because it’s on special causes us to eat more of that product because we have more, and we don’t want it to go bad. So buy what you need! Stick to your list!
5. Go for colour- When looking for vegetables and fruit, get as much colour as you can into your cart. Colour helps our meals look appetizing and appealing. We start every meal with our eyes, we see our food first and eat with our eyes therefore the more appealing/colourful the meal the more we will enjoy it.
6. Frozen can be as good as fresh- don’t be afraid to buy frozen vegetables or fruit. Vegetables especially can go bad quickly so picking up frozen ones and using them in soups is perfect. They don’t go bad as long as they stay frozen, and you will always have vegetables on hand if you can get to the grocery store on time.
7. Look for whole wheat or whole grain- read the label! Sometimes the ingredient list can be long and confusing, so make sure the first ingredient is alway whole grain or whole wheat.
8. Read the label- make sure you read all labels- if anything has sugar as the first ingredient should be left on the shelf. Keep in mind that anything without a label is even better, ie- fruit, vegetables, meats- no label= no processing!

I hope these quick tips help next time you are in the store!

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  1. Great job Bri! Good summary. Love the blog idea. You should do a grocery store tour! ;)

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