A Holistic Approach

We are not only our bodies.

Because all facets of our existence are intertwined, changes to one area spark changes in others.

Most clients walk in wanting to get started but don’t know where to start because they are often recovering from an injury or a sedentary lifestyle. As the Lifesource team guides them through customized rehabilitation, therapy and nutrition regimes, they begin to see the results of their work. They also start to see the fringe benefits of a healthier body seeping into other areas of existence.

The vast majority of Lifesource’s clients are successful business people and professionals whose lives, over time, have become somewhat unbalanced. The strategic planning and discipline they utilize to excel in the boardroom, classroom or wherever they work, tends to stay at work. But when they learn how to direct that same focus to other areas of their world, their professional lives also improve. Ironic, but true.